Takaaki Suzuki

SUZUKI Takaaki

I graduated from the School of Medicine, University of Tsukuba in 2011. From 2011 to 2017, I worked in the Center Hospital of the National Center for Global Health and Medicine as an Emergency Physician. At about the same time, I dedicated my self to the capacity building of emergency medical service system in developing countries, mainly ASEAN countries. As a staff of the International Medical Center, I would like to contribute my expertise to internationalize the University of Tsukuba Hospital.

Megumi Fukaya


Greetings. I am Megumi Fukaya. I started with this company on 1 October 2013. As this is my first position at a hospital, there will be many things that I don't know but I will work hard to overtime those shortcoming's and I ask for your support in fulfilling my position.
Previously, I have always worked in education. I think, teaching students who individually think differently is similar to cultural exchange; that is, understanding the other party's thinking and having our thinking be understood. This cultural exchange is one thing that I have been invovled for many years. I would be pleased if you will try to understand the world of shared understanding, which forms on the foundation of your understanding of the other party's culture and personality, and introduce this world of shared understanding to as many people as you can. My motto therefore is "Be a bridge for a better future!" I will make efforts to become a bridge for a better future for many people. Thank you for your support.