To Persons Living Overseas Who May Wish to Receive Medical Care at the University of Tsukuba Hospital

Medical Care Appointment Procedures

  1. 1. Send the inquiry form

  2. 2. Reply (acknowledgement of the contents) sent from EAJ

  3. 3. Determination of the hospital department to provide medical care

  4. 4. Presentation of an approximate estimate and adjustment of the reservation date

  5. 5. Procedures for arrival in Japan

  6. 6. Explanation of written consent for medical examination, etc

  7. 7. Medical care (consultation, medical treatment)

  8. 8. Completion of medical care and adjustment of medical expenses

  9. 9. Return to your country

*Two types of medical treatment are provided: (1) medical treatment provided based on a visit to Japan and (2) consultations provided based on imaging data and other data necessary for diagnosis (not necessarily based on a visit to Japan).

Medical coordinator and Medical interpreter

Foreign patients need to follow these regulations if they wish to have consultations and treatment.

  1. 1. Please accept the support of the medical coordinator we designate.
    Foreign patients must be supported by a designated coordinator.
    This is because University of Tsukuba Hospital staffs are unable to complete all the formalities related to the acceptance of foreign patients and they rely on the assistance of a medical coordinator.
    Doctors, nurses, back offices staff and designated coordinator work together to assist and care for foreign patients and each has following duties and responsibilities.

  2. Doctors・Nurses Medical judgement, making treatment schedule, consultations,
    examinations, treatments etc
    Back office
    Allocation of hospital work, Accounts
    Communicating with patient in foreign language, Visa support, Interpreter arrangement, help settling in in Tsukuba, Receive payment in advance, Payment intermediary

  3. 2. University of Tsukuba Hospital requests the presence of an interpreter at certain times.
    If foreign patients have an interpreter who doesn’t have sufficient ability, the doctors may not be able to provide sufficient explanation about their treatments and patients may misunderstand the explanation. It may prevent providing safe treatment. Therefore, it’s mandatory to have an interpreter arranged by the designated coordinator in order to interpret in neutral position. Please understand that we may refuse consultation and treatment if a patient does not have a qualified interpreter who is arranged by the coordinator. This will apply to the patients who are accompanied by friends or family who speak Japanese or volunteer interpreters in terms of risk management. We hope foreign patients understand the above and corporate with us to provide safe consultations and treatment.

    For foreign patients who will have a consultation & treatment at University of Tsukuba Hospital

About Emergency Assistance Japan (EAJ)

EAJ is the only medical care facilitator with which our hospital has a business relationship.

Therefore, please note that all persons who wish to receive our medical care will receive the care through EAJ. After making a commitment to protect your personal information, EAJ will perform all the necessary arrangements from your arrival in Japan to your return to your country. This includes assistance in obtaining a medical visa, air travel arrangements, and reservations of accommodations, as well as adjustment of the date(s) of receiving medical care at the hospital department(s), arrangement of interpreter(s), and carrying out payments on your behalf.

Emergency Assistance Japan Co. Ltd.
NRK Koishikawa Building, 21-14, Koishikawa 1-chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Tel: +81-3-3811-8600

Personal Information Protection Policy

Please send your inquiry form after you have read through and agreed to the personal information protection policies of our hospital and of Emergency Assistance Japan.

University of Tsukuba Hospital, “Handling of Personal Information”

Emergency Assistance Japan

Inquiry Form

Persons living overseas who wish to receive consultation and medical treatment at our hospital are required to use this form to make inquiries.

Note that the contents of your inquiry will be received by our hospital and by Emergency Assistance Japan, and a reply will be sent from Emergency Assistance Japan.

Inquiry Form

Security Measures:
Personal information to be sent via this form will be transmitted using encrypted communication methods.

☞ Persons who wish to receive medical care at the Proton Therapy Center are required to access the Proton Therapy Center website .

Proton Medical Research Center, University of Tsukuba