Office for the Promotion of
International Medical Affairs

Greetings from the Chief

室長 Message from the Chief of the Office for the Promotion of International Medical Affairs (OPIMA): The Office for the Promotion of International Medical Affairs was newly established in October, 2012 under the policy to promote globalization of The University of Tsukuba Hospital. Our responsibilities include: 1) receiving teachers, researchers and clinical trainees from overseas, 2) supporting the personnel of our hospital in their overseas trainings, 3) promoting diagnosis and treatment of patients from overseas, and 4) promoting cooperation with overseas hospitals and handling other international related matters. Furthermore, we are supporting The University of Tsukuba Hospital to obtain accreditation and certification from JCI (Joint Commission International) to ensure the highest quality health care that meets international standards, and to provide a full range of safe health care services to patients.
In 2013, we welcomed to our hospital 120 people as personnel from overseas, including 16 medical trainees and students, 10 groups of observers and personnel from affiliated hospitals. For overseas training projects of our hospital personnel, a total of 12 young doctors have been trained in hospitals, mainly in Western countries, as part of the “Promotion of Overseas Activities of Young Medical Doctors for the Globalization of the University of Tsukuba Hospital” project, and the “Overseas Program for Global Human Resource Development for the Young Medical Doctors in Ibaraki Prefecture”.
The University of Tsukuba Hospital has established affiliations with several overseas hospitals, such as Cho Ray Hospital in Ho Chi Min City, Viet Nam, MC Hospital of the President Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Kazakhstan, University of Bonn Hospital in Germany, Bordeaux University Hospital in France. We are determined to deepen our friendship and continue to cooperate with these hospitals, as well as to expand our relations to other hospitals. The University of Tsukuba Hospital has already started to accept patients from overseas for advanced treatment using proton beam therapy. OPIMA has been devoted to support patients to receive good care as easily as possible.
With respect to JCI, the University of Tsukuba Hospital has been carrying out activities aimed at obtaining accreditation and certification from JCI since 2013 to ensure the quality of health care and patient services with high international standards. OPIMA has been supporting these activities.
With many conflicts occurring in different parts of the world, cooperation in the field of health and medical care is more important than ever. In Japan, while improving medical care services for patients through advanced medical technology, which are mainly adopted from developed countries, it is also necessary to carry out activities with a more global vision, such as the transfer of medical techniques to developing countries. OPIMA is dedicated to continuously contribute to globalization of the University of Tsukuba Hospital. We would appreciate your continued cooperation and support.


May, 2014
Dr. Minoru AKIYAMA
Chief of the OPIMA