Non-Japanese medical associates received

Practical clinical training

Physicians, Nurses and other medical professionals who wish to undergo clinical practical training at our hospital must submit the required documentation upon understanding the system of our clinical practical training. After a decision is made to receive the applicant, we will begin communicating, decide on the department of specialty, reserve the dormitory, and arrange the practical training schedule. You will need to arrive in Tsukuba by the day prior to the start of practical training and undergo an orientation. Please make the application by at least 3 months prior to the start of practical training.

※Medical Students
    Please contact the following address:
    medicalelective★ change ★ into @ when you send the email.)

  1. 1Deliver application, etc (curriculum vitae with photo, application, letter of reference from supervisor, certificate of immunization, etc)
  2. 2Consider application at Office for the Promotion of International Medical Affairs
  3. 3Arrangement with department of specialty that will receive the applicant
  4. 4Confirm dates of practical training (date of arrival to departure)
  5. 5VISA application (only for requiring countries)

Arrival in Japan

  1. 6Orientation (hospital tour, various processes)
  2. 7Submit report when practical training is completed -> Evaluation chart
  3. 8Presentation
  4. 9Grant certificate of completion (from director of hospital)

* Please let us know by at least 3 months prior to when you wish to come for practical training.