Dedicated Patient Line
029-853-7668(※appointment only)

Inpatient Services

Calculation of medical fees

Fees for insured medical treatment will be calculated at 10 yen per point based on the Medical Fee Schedule and the Dental Fee Schedule.
Expenses for free medical treatment related to traffic accidents and third party assaults will be calculated at 20 yen per point based on the detailed regulations of the University of Tsukuba Hospital.
Expenses for patients traveling abroad (living abroad, for medical purposes, not insured by health insurance) will be calculated at 20 yen per point.
From April 1, 2023, fees for patients without active public health insurance coverage in Japan (excluding welfare recipients) will be calculated at 30 yen per point.

Information on hospitalization charges


After being seen by a physician, the patient or their proxy must fill out an admission form at the patient reception as directed by the physician.

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Notice of the date and time of your admission

Every Friday from 15:00 – 17:00, the patients to be admitted during the following week will receive a call with the date and time of their admission.

Admission requirements

Please bring the below items when you are admitted at patient reception.

  • Patient ID card
  • Insurance card, Various claimant certification for medical care (Only for those who have this.)
  • Hospitalization certificate (You must submit this.)
    Your hospitalization certificate must be signed by a guarantor who is a financially independent adult able to cover the cost. If you have a question about guarantors, please go to patient reception.
  • Other items to bring: Toiletries, pajamas, chopsticks, cup, and any other items of daily use.