Dedicated Patient Line
029-853-7668(※appointment only)

Inpatient Services


After being seen by a physician, the patient or their proxy must fill out an admission form at the patient reception as directed by the physician.

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Notice of the date and time of your admission

Every Friday from 16:00 – 18:30, the patients to be admitted during the following week will receive a call with the date and time of their admission.

Admission requirements

Please bring the below items when you are admitted at patient reception.

  • Patient ID card
  • Insurance card, Various claimant certification for medical care(Only for those who have this.)
  • Hospitalization certificate(You must submit this.)
    Your hospitalization certificate must be signed by a guarantor who is a financially independent adult able to cover the cost. If you have a question about guarantors, please go to patient reception.


Toiletries, pajamas, chopsticks, cup, and any other items of daily use.