Dedicated Patient Line
029-853-7668(※appointment only)

To Persons Living Overseas Who May Wish to Receive Medical Care at the University of Tsukuba Hospital

For foreign patients already in Japan (excluding foreign residents), please refer to this site. Even if you have a letter of referral from another hospital in Japan, patients who are not covered by Japanese public medical insurance should follow this website.(Patients who have been seen previously at the University of Tsukuba Hospital may also refer to this site.)

Calculation of medical fees

From April 1, 2023, fees for patients without active public health insurance coverage in Japan (excluding welfare recipients) will be calculated at 30 yen per point.

Medical Care Appointment Procedures

  1. Contact one of the listed medical coordinators below.
  2. The medical coordinator will contact our hospital.
      Photo identification/translated medical information will be provided to us by them.

      ① Confirmation with the department whether or not an appointment can be made will occur.    Please note that we may refuse to accept patients at the discretion of the department.
      ② Based on the presented medical and imaging data, a “decision of acceptability” (proxy second
       opinion) is made. The medical coordination company will visit the hospital on behalf of
       the patient and consult with the doctor (30 minutes to 1 hour). After the meeting, you will
       receive a written report signed by the doctor.(If you originally desired only a second opinion,
       this is the end of the process.) *Note: No photography or online connections are provided.

      • Even if the patient cannot be seen as a result of the decision, we cannot be held responsible for
       the patient’s present or future situation.
      • Patients visiting Japan are also required to pay the estimated treatment fee to the medical
       coordination company prior to the visit.
      • Please note that there are cases in which a patient may not be able to receive a medical
       examination depending on the disease.
      • The interpreter from the medical coordination company will accompany the patient during the
       visit. For the safety and security of patients traveling to Japan and receiving medical
       examinations, please make a decision on acceptance before coming to Japan.
  3. If the applicant is deemed acceptable, the visa procedures and arrangements for arrival in Japan
      will be made. The hospital will present the medical coordination company with an estimated
      cost/treatment schedule and prepare the necessary documents for visa procedures. The medical
      coordination company will also take care of other procedures necessary for the patient’s arrival in
      Japan, such as accommodation arrangements, flight arrangements, etc.
  4. Please check your health condition for infection control.
      Please fill out the following sheet, print it out and give it to the department on the day of your
      visit. (Patient and companion)
  5. Medical examination
      *If your condition worsens from the time of the acceptance decision or during the application
      process, please understand that the scheduled treatment may no longer be available.
  6. After treatment, you will return to your country (If you need medical data from our hospital,
      please inform our medical staff during the treatment period)
  7. Reconsultation (Essentially, you will do this from your own country after returning there. As
      treatment varies depending on the department, please consult with your doctor before returning
      home.) After returning to your home country, direct personal contact with the doctor via SNS,
      e-mail, etc. is not allowed.

Medical coordinator Registered Guarantors related to visa for medical stay and Medical interpreter

Foreign patients need to follow these regulations if they wish to have consultations and treatment.

1. Please accept the support of the medical coordinator we designate.

Foreign patients must be supported by a designated coordinator.
This is because University of Tsukuba Hospital staffs are unable to complete all the formalities related to the acceptance of foreign patients and they rely on the assistance of a medical coordinator.
Doctors, nurses, back offices staff and designated coordinator work together to assist and care for foreign patients and each has following duties and responsibilities.

Doctors・Nurses Medical judgement, making treatment schedule, consultations, examinations, treatments etc
Back office Allocation of hospital work, Accounts
Coordinator Communicating with patient in foreign language, Visa support, Interpreter arrangement, help settling in in Tsukuba, Receive payment in advance, Payment intermediary
2. University of Tsukuba Hospital requests the presence of an interpreter at certain times.

If foreign patients have an interpreter who doesn’t have sufficient ability, the doctors may not be able to provide sufficient explanation about their treatments and patients may misunderstand the explanation. It may prevent providing safe treatment. Therefore, it’s mandatory to have an interpreter arranged by the designated coordinator in order to interpret in neutral position. Please understand that we may refuse consultation and treatment if a patient does not have a qualified interpreter who is arranged by the coordinator. This will apply to the patients who are accompanied by friends or family who speak Japanese or volunteer interpreters in terms of risk management. We hope foreign patients understand the above and corporate with us to provide safe consultations and treatment.

For foreign patients who will have a consultation & treatment at University of Tsukuba Hospital

Application for consultation

Please be sure to contact us through a “medical coordination company (guarantor organization for medical visas)”.
◆ University of Tsukuba Hospital has contracted with three medical coordination companies (guarantor organizations for medical visas).

Emergency Assistance Japan Co. Ltd.
NRK Koishikawa Building, 21-14, Koishikawa 1-chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo Tel: +81-3-3811-8600
Japan Medical & Health Tourism Center / JTB Corp.,
Garou Building 8F, 3 Chome-1-4, Nihonbashi, Chuo, 103-0027, Tokyo Tel: +81-3-5290-1630

◆The other medical coordinator companies list

List of Registered Guarantors (Medical Coordinators etc.) / Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
List of Registered Guarantors (Travel Agencies) / Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

※Please contact each company directly for details of their services and fees.

Principle and Policy Regarding Acceptance of Overseas Patients


We are committed to providing high-quality medical care and cultivating medical professionals who can contribute to developing the medical field.


We are committed to providing the safest and highest quality medical care to overseas patients.
We provide services considerate of various cultures, customs, religions, etc. of overseas patients.
Fully mindful of our mission and responsibility, we cultivate medical professionals who are rich in humanity.
We promote a team approach to medical care services in which all occupations participate.
We work to spread knowledge about health and medicine.
We contribute to international society through our medical research and promotion of advanced medical technology.

Rights of Overseas Patients who receive medical care

Overseas Patients can receive medical care as a respected person.
Overseas Patients can select treatment methods by their own will after receiving explanations and information.
Overseas patients can ask a physician at another hospital for an opinion (second opinion).
Overseas patients can ask for an advice about medicine and welfare.
Overseas patients can freely decide if he/she will cooperate in educational training or research.
Personal information and privacies are protected appropriately.
Overseas patients can know the details of the medical expenses.

Rights of Overseas Patients who receive medical care

Please provide information on your health condition etc. as precisely as possible.
Please follow the rules of our hospital and cooperate in medical examinations and managements.
Please refrain from actions that may interfere with medical examinations or cause trouble to others.

Information on Explanation and Consent for General Medical Procedures

At this hospital, invasive treatments and examinations* will be explained in advance by the doctor in writing so that the patient and/or family members can fully understand. Please understand that a patient or family member signature is required on the “Explanation and Consent Form” when such treatment or examination is performed. If you have any questions about the explanation given by the doctor, please do not hesitate to contact us.
*(e.g., surgery and anesthesia, anticancer drug treatment, blood transfusion, tests using injected or intravenous contrast media, etc.)
For the following general medical procedures, tests, and procedures that do not place a physical or mental burden on the patient, explanations and confirmation of consent are given orally so that medical and nursing interventions can proceed smoothly. Thus, consent forms are not required in principle. In the absence of positive consent, medical staff will assume that you consent to treatment (by your presence at the hospital), but any consent can be revoked by the patient at any time by subsequent request.

Information on Explanation and Consent for General Medical Procedures


This is a teaching and research hospital where we educate medical professionals and develop and conduct research into new medical treatments.Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Personal Information Protection Policy

University of Tsukuba Hospital

University of Tsukuba Hospital, “Handling of Personal Information”

Medical Travel Support Companies

Emergency Assistance Japan