International Medical Center

Message from Chief

センター部長The International Medical Center, University of Tsukuba Hospital has been promoting internationalization of our hospital’s medical practices and education through supporting global exchanges among medical staffs including physicians and nurses, as well as medical students, and also through offering support to accept international patients. We are making daily efforts to improve the function of international medical services by obtaining accreditation as one of the recommended hospitals by the Japan International Hospitals (JIH) in December 2016, and by taking an on-site survey from the Japan Medical Service Accreditation for International Patients (JMIP) in April 2019.

Tsukuba Science City and its surroundings with a highly international character, have increasing number of international residents, and referrals for overseas patients due to the medical tourism’s advancement in recent years. Therefore, international medical needs for our hospital as a “Special Functioning Hospital” is rising increasingly. In order to respond to these needs accurately, our center will continue to improve and strengthen its organizational structure as well as the system for accepting international patients, and will endeavor to foster medical professionals who take responsibilities for the international health and medicine.

Our members of staff will all continue to make the utmost effort to be the locally loved and globally known, high-ability International Medical Center as a representative of the University of Tsukuba, the Top Global University of Japan.

 Chief, International Medical Center
Deputy Director (Internationalization of Medical Care)

About Us

In order to enhance internationalization in University of Tsukuba Hospital,
we provide support for:
-Observation training program for foreign medical personnel.
-Overseas training programs for medical staff.
-Inbound operations for international patients.
-International collaboration with foreign hospitals and organizations.


IMC consists of Chief, Vice-Chief and administrative staff


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