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Project Activities

Lao First CCC ICT on EMS Training & Education

In Laos, many of the organizations that provide pre-hospital emergency services, which are responsible for transporting people from the scene of an accident to the hospital and providing pre-hospital first aid, are private volunteers. In addition, there are multiple volunteer groups, and each group has a different emergency call number. In some cases, multiple ambulances rush to the same location for a single incident. Therefore, in this project, we will set up the first command and control center in Laos, which will receive all emergency calls from the residents at one place and give orders to dispatch ambulances.


In Laos, many of the injured and sick are transported to hospitals without prior notification. Even if the injured person is in a serious condition, there are cases where the hospital is unable to make satisfactory preparations for the patient’s treatment due to the lack of prior notice, resulting in significant delays in treatment. In order to improve this situation, we will introduce a system that allows the emergency team to enter the treatment and observations they performed before the patient’s arrival at the hospital into a tablet device and share the information with the destination hospital before the patient arrives. This will shorten the time between the arrival of the injured person at the hospital and the start of treatment, and improve the efficiency of the response, thereby increasing the lifesaving rate. Most of the first responders operating in Laos are civilians with no professional qualifications. Therefore, we aim to minimize the variation in the services provided by the ambulance corps and improve the services by developing educational courses and standardizing the education in order to continuously develop high-quality ambulance corps. As for doctors and nurses, there are few who have the skills to treat seriously injured or sick patients, and the disciplines of emergency medicine and emergency nursing have not yet become widespread. Therefore, we will develop human resources to improve the skills of Laotian doctors and nurses in emergency medicine.

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Lao P.D.R. is a landlocked country in Southeast Asia. It is surrounded by China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Myanmar. The majority of land is occupied by mountain ranges and highlands, and Mekong River flows from the north to south. The population is around 7 million, and the total area covers approximately 240,000 square kilometers. It has lower population density than neighboring countries. Lao P.D.R. is a multiethnic country with 49 recognized ethnic groups, and the largest ethnic group, the Lao are traditionally Theravada Buddhists. The government aimed for graduating from the Least Developing Dountries (LDC) category by 2020, but it is still placed as LDC as of September 2020.

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