Non-Japanese medical associates received

International medical professional observer program

Physicians, Nurses and other medical professionals who wish to visit our hospital for medical training are welcome. The Observer program enables participants to watch procedures and surgeries; attend patient rounds and teaching conferences. Medical Practitioners' Act prevent observers from having patient care responsibilities or involvement in any form of volunteer research. The tuition fee will not be charged for all applications. The length of training is typically less than three months.

※Medical Students Please contact the following address:
    (Please change ★ into @ when you send the email.)

  • Application Form
  • A Letter of recommendation from officers of an organization (your supervisor), including universities, hospitals, and medical institutions.
  • Curriculum Vitae with your photo
  • Copy of your physician's license and /or diploma

  • Immunization Form(signed by physician)
    After decision is made to accept you, you are required to submit the immunization form.