Non-Japanese medical associates received

How to apply

Contact us at opima★ You are required to submit the application form and other information as follows. Please be responsible for ensuring application is complete. Please note that preparing for this program takes time. Thus, we kindly request that you submit your application and supporting documents at least three months before your intended dates of visit.

  • Application Form
  • A Letter of recommendation from officers of an organization (your supervisor), including universities, hospitals, and medical institutions.
  • Curriculum Vitae with your photo
  • Copy of your physician's license and /or diploma
  • Immunization form(signed by physician)
    After decision is made to accept you, you are required to submit the immunization form.

⇒Address:International Medical Center, University of Tsukuba Hospital
                     2-1-1, Amakubo, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-8576 Japan

⇒Inquiry:opima★ change ★ into @ when you send the email)

We will contact you to discuss more detail schedule and to arrange your accommodation. During your stay in Tsukuba, you are requested to make a presentation about your research and the medical system of your country.