Aiming for the practical application of medical technology by collecting wisdom we will foster medical seeds, support clinical development, and foster researchers

T-CReDO is centered on the University of Tsukuba and Tsukuba Science City. We collect wisdom from research institutes and develop research results (seeds) on medical technology and ultimately practically apply the results in fields such as clinical development. We support the implementation of clinical trials to obtain clinically useful findings. We also encourage young researchers who aim at the development of medical technology and promote lifelong education and training of researchers involved in clinical research. Through these measures, we aim to accelerate the development of innovative pharmaceuticals, medical devices, regenerative medicine, etc. In addition to contributing to the health and welfare of the people, we aim for sustainable growth and strive to develop international clinical development bases.

T-CReDO will perform the following tasks to achieve the above mentioned objectives:

  1. Clinical development window and consultation (intellectual property, development strategy, etc.)
  2. R & D management (pipeline management, planning promotion, finance, etc.)
  3. Training medical seeds and promoting open innovation
  4. Supporting empirical research aiming for clinical introduction
  5. Supporting company-led and doctor-led clinical trials and clinical research
  6. Promotion of clinical trial and clinical research network
  7. Entrepreneur education
  8. Provision of a lifelong education program for clinical researchers and professionals
  9. Audit of T-CReDO and individual clinical research
  10. Clinical Research Ethics Review Committee, Secretariat Operations of Institutional Review Board, etc.