Message from the Director

T-CReDO Director  ARAKAWA Yoshihiro Tsukuba Clinical Research and Development Organization (T-CReDO) was established on June 1, 2015 as a result of the collaboration between Faculty of Medicine and University of Tsukuba Hospital.
This organization was a result of positive consolidation and reorganization. It originates from the Clinical Trial and Research Center, Center for Innovative Medicine and Engineering in University Hospital, and Critical Path Research Education Integrated Leading Center in Faculty of Medicine. The Department of Research and Development Management and Quality Assurance Office were newly organized for efficient management, and a Council with external and internal members was introduced for governance.

With experience and function gained from the former organization, we have made progress in clinical development at the University of Tsukuba as well as at the industrygovernment- university research institutes around Tsukuba Science City. We aim to develop medical seeds and foster researchers and professionals. Without an exit strategy, medical research results cannot make an effective translation into practical use. T-CReDO provides seamless support for practical application of medical seeds and tremendous support in areas concerning intellectual property rights, fund raising, and education for entrepreneurs and professional staff in research field.

The University of Tsukuba was selected as one of the Translational and Clinical Research Core Centers by Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) in March, 2017. T-CReDO promotes medical development to constantly generate innovative medicines and medical devices, to contribute to public health, to develop the medical industry, and to serve as an international core center for medical research and development. Your support in achieving the abovementioned aims and objects will be highly appreciated.