Translational Research Promotion and Education Center

Educational platform for taking scientific achievements to the bedsidet

1) Research Studio (Entrepreneurship course)

Research Studio (Entrepreneurship course) is an acceleration program for clinical scientists, basic scientists, and young entrepreneurs who are willing to launch or join startup companies in the healthcare field based on their academic research achievements. The course provides basic knowledge regarding the preparation of a target product profile (TPP), sharing the image of the final product with internal and external stakeholders, and generation of a road map of product development with a proper fund-raising plan under the supervision of professional mentors from local institutes, venture capitalists, senior entrepreneurs, and other international partners.

2) Seeds Incubator

Seeds Incubator is a system that provides advice regarding non-clinical testing, intellectual properties, collaboration, fundraising, etc., to scientists who perform research and aim to conduct clinical trials.

3) Lifetime Education for Scientists and Professionals

Lifetime Education for Scientists and Professionals, provided by the center, is based on their occupations and positions. We provide Clinical Research courses for Principal Investigators, Data Managers, Monitors, and CRCs, as well as Business Strategy and Regulatory Science courses for professionals in the drug and medical device development field. We supervise the translational research thesis work of graduate students in the Master’s Program in Medical Sciences and provide on-the-job training regarding clinical research support, clinical data management, and CRC. The comprehensive alliance between the University of Tsukuba and PMDA, including the HR exchange or the linked graduate school system, provide exposure to graduate students with respect to real regulatory affairs work.

4) Cell Processing Factory (CPF)

Cell Processing Factory (CPF) manages the operation of the cell processing facility and supports researches in the field of tissue and cell therapy.